Founder and Chief Executive Officer My name is Jibran Haris. I founded New Leaf Tutoring driven by my passion to extend educational support to underprivileged areas. Although born and raised in California with roots in Pakistan, my frequent visits to Pakistan initially led me to believe that only third-world countries faced educational resource shortages. However, volunteering in Northern California opened my eyes to the fact that even within the USA, some children lack the education they deserve. Realizing how fortunate I am, I embarked on a journey to contribute and make a difference by providing education. I invite others to join me in this endeavor, working together to create positive change.

Sabeeh Abedeen – Marketing and Operations Director

As the Marketing and Operations Director for our non-profit tutoring services, I bring a strategic blend of marketing prowess and operational expertise. With a passion for education, I lead initiatives to increase awareness, engage communities, and optimize day-to-day operations. My proven track record in developing and executing impactful marketing campaigns, coupled with a commitment to our mission, ensures our organization’s continued growth and positive impact on students’ lives.